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We received our missionary appointment in 2011. We arrived in Uganda where we started a GATS school – the Apostolic Bible College of Uganda. In 2015 we were transferred to Lagos, Nigeria, where we started another GATS Bible school in 2016. Steve helps to oversee the work with special emphasis on church plants in Lagos and the Western Region of Nigeria; he is the principal and an instructor to the Lagos Bible school; oversees all Purpose Institute locations in Nigeria; holds oneness missionary profile seminars throughout Nigeria; and pastors a new church plant in Lagos. Yvette works along side her husband as an instructor; administrator of the school; music worship minister; music training; and other aspects of the work. When the Phelpses return to the field they plan to continue working in the Bible school, holding oneness seminars, and they have a long-term goal to purchase land to build a campus for the Ministerial Training Centre of Lagos. They hope to plant new churches in the city of Lagos which has a population of twenty-two million souls.